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About Us

To articulate the purpose of oversight, the role of the Oversight Committee, and the level of support LAUSD will provide the Oversight Committee please read the following informative documents.

Historical Documents

Mission Statement

The mission of the strong and independent Oversight Committee is to oversee the expenditure of money for the construction, repair, and modernization of schools by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). The Oversight Committee communicates its finding to the Board and the public in order to ensure that school bond funds are invested as the voters intended and that projects are completed wisely and efficiently.


The shared vision between the Oversight Committee and LAUSD is to build and maintain schools that promote the full development of the child, are educationally and environmentally sound, enhance their neighborhoods through design and programming as centers of community, and reflect the wise and efficient use of limited land and public resources.

A Message from the Chair

Members of the Oversight Committee have submitted a report to the LAUSD Board of Education urging the Board to develop and implement a vision and plan to integrate instruction and construction while making schools into centers of their communities.

The Los Angeles Unified School District serves over 900,000 students with over 80,000 employees at over 1,000 schools. LAUSD serves all or part of 26 cities and many unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County. The District is investing over $19.2 billion to build new schools and modernize or repair existing schools.

School construction and modernization will affect our children's education and our communities for generations to come. Over the next several years, billions of public and private dollars will be invested building new schools, parks, affordable and market-priced homes, expanded public transit, and improved infrastructure.

The present LAUSD strategic execution plans for construction and modernization do not adequately articulate or reflect the necessary vision, mission, and plan.

Our report contains specific recommendations for LAUSD to develop and implement a vision and strategic plan with measurable goals, results, and timeframes to enhance our children's education, improve student fitness and health, and provide for the joint use of schools, parks, libraries, and other public resources.

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New Construction Strategic Execution Plan Adoption 
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