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BOC Office is located at:

333 S.Beaudry, 23rd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: 213-241-5183
Fax: 213-241-8354
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Year 2016 Reports

Year 2015 Reports

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Year 2004 Reports

  • 2004 Year-End Report To LAUSD Families, Neighbors, and Taxpayers
    • Local District 
      If you don't your district you go there by selecting a school from the drop-down list:
      Select a school.
  • Audit Report
Year 2003 Reports

  • February 12th: Citizen Oversight of Public School Construction Programs
  • Healthy Schools, Healthy Parks, Healthy Communities
      Los Angeles needs healthy schools, healthy parks, and healthy communities. The Oversight Committee recognizes that school construction, modernization, and repair raise educational reform, human health, and sustainable regional planning concerns. The shared vision between the Oversight Committee and LAUSD is to build and maintain schools that promote the full development of the child, are educationally and environmentally sound, enhance their neighbourhood through design and programming as centers of community, and reflect the wise and efficient use of limited land and public resources, as stated in the Oversight Charter.
    • Cover Letter - July 29, 2003 Revision
    • Response - In the July 29th, 2003 report entitled, "Healthy Schools, Healthy Parks, Healthy Communities", the Bond Oversight Committee requested additional information concerning reporting. The following is provided in response to that request.
    • Design
    • Housing
    • Jobs
    • Small Businesses (SBE)
    • Small Business Year End Report
    • Management
    • Outreach
    • Procurement

Year 2002 Reports

Report Cards

Each report card details
  • how bond funds have been spent in each of the 11 districts (A-K).
  • The amount of funds to be spent over the next three years.
  • The number of school repair projects in progress or in planning stages.
The same Report Card Cover appears on each of the report cards below. The other side of the report card is specific to the local LAUSD district.
Quarterly Reports


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