Los Angeles Unified School District
Facilities Services Division

Facilities Construction Contracts

Facilities Construction Contracts (FCC) administers the advertising, bidding and awarding of all formal, competitively bid school construction projects, including the prequalification of contractors and all post-award contract activities. FCC is committed to providing a superior level of timely and efficient services to project managers and contractors doing business with the District.

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  • Listing of Advertised Projects
  • Request for Proposals / Request for Qualifications
  • Bid Results Links
  • Charter Projects
  • 17515 Projects
  • 17406 (Lease - Lease Back Projects)
  • The FCC office provides the following services:

    • Maintain advertise/bid/contract in conformance with Public Contract Code and other statutory requirements, Board actions, and directives from the Chief Facilities Executive.

    • Administer the District's prequalification requirements for contractors including all post-construction evaluations. If you would like to verify that a contractor has the proper license to perform a particular type of work for LAUSD, submit the license verification form.

    • Provide bidding information to all prospective bidders via internet access for wider accessibility.

    • Issuance of plans, specifications, and addenda via internet access or hard copy.

    • Conduct public bid openings

    • Facilitate the Execution of Contracts and provide pending award status

    • Process Contractor's Request to Substitute Subcontractors.

    • Issuance of Notices to Proceed.

    • Process Takeover and Completion Contracts.

    • Review and process Stop Notices and Notices of Completion.

    • Process Stop Notice Release Bonds & Assignments of Contract Money.

    • Administer Substitution of Securities in lieu of Retention.

    • Archive and maintain vital project documents for audit.

    • Bidding Documents (Division 00) - preparation of bid packages for construction

    • LAUSD Specifications - Download all Division 01 through 16 Specifications

    Contact us: fcc@laschools.org
    Facilities Construction Contracts
      1545 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #100
      Los Angeles, CA 90017

    Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm

    213.207.2300 - Phone
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    For questions about Facilities Contracts fcs@laschools.org