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About FSD 

Facilities Services Division

Facelift Program

The Facilities Services Division is responsible for the execution of the District's current bond programs, the maintenance and operations of schools, the utilization of existing assets, and master planning for future capital projects.

Currently the District comprises:

  • 710 square miles with more than 13 thousand buildings totaling more than 75 million square feet.
  • 1,124 K-12 schools.
  • 118 early education centers, adult schools and occupational/skill centers.

Facilities Services Division Bond Program

The LAUSD's Facilities Services Division (FSD) is managing a $26 billion voter-approved Bond Program to build new schools to reduce overcrowding and improve existing campuses throughout the District. Until recently, the primary goal of the bond program had been to reduce overcrowding by providing students with the opportunity to attend a neighborhood school operating on a traditional, two-semester calendar.

As the District nears achievement of this goal and shifts the bond program towards further investments in our aging and deteriorating school facilities, the FSD is paving the way for the development and prioritization of future capital projects for school sites with the most critical physical conditions and improve them so they are safe, healthy, and functional places to learn.

On January 2014, the Board of Education approved the allocation of $7.8 billion to the School Upgrade Program (SUP), the next phase of the Districts bond program.

  • To date, approximately 600 new construction projects providing more than 170,000 new seats have been delivered.
  • More than 19,400 school modernization projects have completed construction to provide upgraded facilities which help improve the learning environment for students.
  • Only one school continues to operate on a multi-track calendar -- a 99 percent decrease -- and there are no longer any schools operating on a Concept 6 calendar in compliance with the Williams settlement agreement.
  • Solar panels on rooftops and parking shade structures throughout the District are anticipated to generate approximately 20.9 megawatts of solar energy.
  • A $6 million program for the replacement of inefficient lighting systems at school sites to improve energy conservation is underway.
  • School network infrastructure upgrades at all of the District's K-12 school sites are underway, as well as nearly 200 projects within the $1 billion targeted for critical repairs.
  • Facilities Services Division adopted a goal in 2007 to make payments to vendors within 30 days of the submission of conforming invoices. On average, Facilities invoices are processed in under 20 days.

Facilities Services Division | 333 South Beaudry Ave., Los Angeles, California 90017