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Management Staff Directory

Executive Office

Mark Hovatter
Chief Facilities Executive
(213) 241-4811 mark.hovatter@lausd.net
Krisztina Tokes
Deputy Chief Facilities Executive
(213) 241-4213 krisztina.tokes@lausd.net
Andrea Reyes
Special Assistant to the Chief Facilities Executive
(213) 241-6518 andrea.reyes@lausd.net
Elvia Cano
Public Information Officer
(213) 241-4107 elvia.cano@lausd.net

Community Relations & Small Business Department

Facilitates greater public understanding, broader participation, and productive partnerships for new school construction throughout all sectors of the community.
Lorena Padilla-Melendez
(213) 241-1346 lorena.padilla@lausd.net

Asset Management

Promotes joint planning with local communities to define and execute projects on District-owned land in order to provide needed resources for students, teachers and the community.
Aaron Bridgewater
Director of Asset Management
(213) 241-4894 aaron.bridgewater@lausd.net
Albert Grazioli
Director, Facilities Asset Development
(213) 241-6457 albert.grazioli@lausd.net
Alix O'Brien
Director, Facilities Asset Development
(213) 241-4165 alix.obrien@lausd.net
Rena Perez
Director, School Management Services
(213) 241-7599 rena.perez@lausd.net
Michael Maurizio
Asst Director, Design Standards & Technical Specifications
(213) 241-4221 michael.maurizio@lausd.net

Project Execution

Responsible for the construction of new schools and repair and modernization projects as part of a multi-year bond funded capital improvement program.
Greg Garcia
(213) 241-4970 gregory.garcia@lausd.net
David Tatevossian
Deputy Director of Facilities Project Execution
(213) 241-7519 david.tatevossian@lausd.net
Steve Boehm
Deputy Director, Specialized Programs
(213) 241-7557 steve.boehm@lausd.net
Robert Lester
Regional Construction Director, Region North
(213) 241-5606 robert.lester@lausd.net
Yeghishe Minassian
Regional Construction Director, Region Central
(213) 241-4597 yeghishe.minassian@lausd.net
Aman Vaish
Regional Construction Director, Region South
(213) 241-3468 aman.vaish@lausd.net

Program Support Services

Provides integrated support for the Facilities Services Division in the areas of Program Controls, Project Controls, Finance & Accounting functions, Corporate Reporting, Invoice Payments, Facilities Legislation and Grants and Funding activities, Facilities Human Resources Administration, Staffing Contract Administration, Helpdesk Support, Technology Services, and Database Network Application Support.
Chris Alejo
Financial Operations Manager
(213) 241-2428 chris.alejo@lausd.net
Jay Dolinky
Director (Acting), Program & Project Controls
(213) 241-5222 jay.dolinky@lausd.net
Shawn Atlow
Director, Legislation, Grants & Funding
(213) 241-4889 shawn.atlow@lausd.net
Joseph Holop
Director, Facilities IT Services
(213) 241-4885 joseph.holop@lausd.net
Ron Delahoussaye
Division Human Resources Administrator
Personnel Services Unit
(213) 241-4585 ronald.delahoussaye@lausd.net

Maintenance & Operations

Responsible for the maintenance, repair and improvement of District facilities and equipment. This includes 1,092 K-12 schools and 137 early education centers, state preschools, adult schools and occupational/skill centers.
Robert Laughton
(213) 241-0304 robert.laughton@lausd.net
Mark Cho
Deputy Director
(213) 241-8769 mark.cho@lausd.net
Angelita Khazei
Deputy Director
(213) 241-0352 angelita.khazei@lausd.net
Marc Ducasse
Regional Facilities Director
Central East Region
(818) 394-2426 marc.ducasse@lausd.net
Dennis Bradburn
Regional Facilities Director
South Region
(323) 789-5000 dennis.bradburn@lausd.net
Steven Johnson
Interim Regional Facilities Director
North Region
(213) 745-1453 steven.johnson@lausd.net
Angelo Robinson
Regional Facilities Director
Central West Region
(213) 276-7664 angelo.robinson@lausd.net
Richard Laret
Chief Construction Inspector
Inspection Department
(213) 745-1530 richard.laret@lausd.net
Christos Chrysiliou
Director - Design and A/E Tech Support
(213) 241-0482 christos.chrysiliou@lausd.net
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