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Access Compliance Unit (ACU)

Requirements and Objectives

The Access Compliance Unit (formerly MCD Unit) was established in response to the Chanda Smith Modified Consent Decree. Although the focus of the original consent decree was oriented towards specific outcomes associated with the Division of Special Education, additional attention has been directed toward the Facilities Services Division and issues associated with the physical accessibility of all schools throughout the District.

The Access Compliance Unit's objective is to work with the various entities within the Facilities Services Division to satisfy the requirements of the modified consent decree that includes ensuring that work associated with the standards and guidelines established for access compliance are properly executed.

The Access Compliance Unit works closely with a court appointed Independent Monitor charged with certifying that the District satisfactorily meets the requirements of the modified consent decree. Documentation of access compliant work put in place is submitted through the ACU Compliance Unit to the Independent Monitor for evaluation. This evaluation includes the review of dollars expended for work put in place, as well as, verification that the work is readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

Summary of Programs

$67.5 million Repair and Renovation Program: The District will enter in binding commitments to expend at least $67.5 million on accessibility renovation and repair to existing to existing school sites.

$20 million On-Demand Program: The District will make available and expend up to $20 million to rapidly provide minor renovations where necessary for disabled students seeking placement in currently inaccessible programs.

Accessibility Surveys & Corrective Action Plan for 83 New Schools: The District will survey 83 new schools for compliance with accessibility requirements and correct non-compliant items as appropriate.

Accountability Strategies: The District will develop and implement Accountability Strategies focused on reviewing and updating of practices and procedures to effect process improvements associated with design, construction and maintenance of access compliance elements at all of the District's campuses.

Contact Information
Kenneth Arrignton, Manager
Access Compliance Unit
Email: kenneth.arrington@lausd.net

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