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Construction Safety

We Build on Safety

LAUSD Construction is committed to enhance the safety culture through a goal driven program of safety awareness, safety training, and institution of proven accident and incident prevention techniques. The LAUSD Construction Safety Management Team supports the field in regards to safety. Assistance is provided regarding health and safety regulations, reporting requirements, safety training, and other related issues. Effectiveness is monitored through metrics that measure leading and lagging indicators of jobsite safety. Partnering with the contractors and labor is encouraged to promote a safe working environment with the shared goal of zero jobsite accidents and incidents.

Construction Safety is a leader in providing value-added construction safety services in a partnership with our building contractors. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our school construction teams by exceeding their expectations and gaining trust through exceptional performance by every member of the Safety Department. Our partners count on our expertise, dependability, drive, and integrity. We take great pride in our accomplishments and focus on continuous improvement in the safety process.

Contact Information

  • Please direct your safety questions or concerns via email to John E. McEvoy, Director of Construction Safety.
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