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The Architectural & Engineering Services (A/E Service) within the Maintenance & Operations Branch has responsibility for all design activities associated with repair, modernization, and new construction projects executed by the Facilities Services Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The Architectural & Engineering Services (A/E Service) has two inter-related sections: the A/E Services, Sustainability and Energy Management.

  • Architectural & Engineering Services (A/E Service) is comprised of architectural and engineering professionals with the capability for providing the following services:

    • Architectural
    • Structural
    • Civil
    • Mechanical
    • Electrical

    While the primary focus of the A/E Services Section's design activities is on small projects and emergency repairs, it also regularly provides technical expertise to other branches as requested, i.e. program development, site assessment, scoping, project definition, agency interface (Division of the State Architect, city and county agencies), damage assessment, and repair recommendations

    The A/E Services Section supports the Design Management Section in three ways: (1) A/E services, (2) design management support and (3) QA/QC review of commissioned A/E deliverables.

  • Sustainability is comprised of Sustainability Specialists with a focus on several main goals for the District:

    • Reduce Energy Use by 20% by 2024
    • Reduce Water Use by 20% by 2024
    • Support High Performance Design
    • Support Sustainability Education and Awareness Programs
    • Support Campus Ecology Programs
    • Identify, Evaluate, and Implement Emerging Technologies

  • Energy Management is comprised of energy specialists who manage the District's utility accounts (electricity, gas, water and sewer) with a focus on efficiency and cost avoidance.
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