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Model Practices: Developing Shared Use Agreements at Your School

Developing a successful shared use partnership requires collaboration among a variety of stakeholders. The District enables the development of a partnership by approving access permits, but the willingness of school site staff, community partners, and families to work together is key to successful, long-term partnership. Each of the aforementioned stakeholders plays a critical role in ensuring the successful implementation of the planned activity at the school site. The following model practices can strengthen efforts for increased access to school facilities for community use.

School Staff

  1. Collaborate with students, parents, and community organizations to identify the needs of students and families.
  2. Engage potential partners, such as community based organizations and government agencies, to identify opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Support the identified partner organizations and providers through the application process.
  4. Develop a strategic plan for your school that outlines the roles and responsibilities of school staff, partner, and the community.
  5. Convene selected school staff, partner, and participating community members quarterly to discuss successes, problems, and provide updates on how to best continue the partnership.

Community Partners

  1. Assess the community and school's needs for recreational opportunities.
  2. Identify the appropriate school and facility for implementing programming to increase opportunities for physical activity.
  3. Contact the school principal to introduce potential opportunity for partnership and develop a strategic plan to ensure successful implementation of program.
  4. Outreach to the community to garner support of new partnership.
  5. Apply for appropriate permit or agreement through the District.
  6. Implement programming as approved on District agreement.
  7. Communicate often across stakeholder groups to ensure a successful partnership.


  1. Partner with other community members, parents, and students to identify the activities you want to see on your campus.
  2. Engage with your principal, afterschool providers, and parent center to identify potential organizations willing to provide afterschool activities in partnership with your school.
  3. Support the identified partner organizations and providers through the process.
  4. Advocate for changes in your community to help improve availability of safe recreation space for physical activity.

LAUSD Shared Use Projects

As part of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's Choose Health LA!, the Alliance for a Better Community (ABC) launched the J.U.G.A.R. (Joint Use Generating Activity and Recreation) initiative to increase access to safe spaces for physical activity through the expansion of shared use agreements in the Los Angeles Unified School District. ABC has been working closely with the District and partners with 4 pilot sites in the Boyle Heights and Pico Union communties to expand programming at schools through shared use agreements. This distinct program has engages community members, schools administration and community based organizations to support services that promote physical activity and improve health outcomes for students and families.

In partnership with LAUSD, many other organizations and agencies have developed shared use agreements. Below are examples of model LAUSD shared use projects that have increased opportunities for physical activity for the entire family. Community partnerships are critically important in creating sustainable and successful projects that support healthy communities. These model projects can be used by schools and community partners to develop their own unique partnerships to engage families and students in physical activity.

Model Shared Use Projects:

  1. Fremont High School
  2. Mendez Learning Center
  3. Edward Roybal Learning Center
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