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Joint Use Agreements

The Joint-Use Development Bond Program supports shared use of school facilities through the development of joint use agreements. A joint use agreement is a legally binding contract between two or more entities that is reciprocal and mutually beneficial. Joint use projects are developed in partnership with third parties to develop and operate LAUSD facilities to benefit students, partners, and the larger community. Typical partners may include governmental agencies, community based organizations, sports organizations, or private entities. Procedures for this type of shared use are outlined below:

  • The Board of Education requires a minimum 50/50 match ratio.
  • Partner must provide matching capital, in-kind resources, and/or programmatic funds.

The value of the contribution and the benefit to the school or the District are factors that will be considered in a joint use proposal. For more information on joint use, contact:

Isela Lopez
Facilities Partnership and Development Manager
Facilities Asset Management
Phone: 213-241-6461
Email: isela.lopez@lausd.net

DID YOU KNOW? Research has shown that people who have parks or recreational facilities nearby exercise 38% more than those who do not have easy access.

Steps for Developing a Joint-Use Agreement

A summary of the steps required to develop an agreement is provided below. Identified model practices on how to work in partnership with families and schools to identify the ideal school activity are provided in Model Practices.
  1. LAUSD identifies a partner and a school facility match is made. Interested parties should contact Isela Lopez at isela.lopez@lausd.net.
  2. A feasibility study is conducted to evaluate the scope of the project, as well as the project schedule, costs, and overall viability.
  3. If the joint use project is deemed viable in terms of funding and longevity of the partnership, it will be recommended to the Board of Education and the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee (BOC).
  4. LAUSD and partner enter into a joint-use agreement that describes the sharing of creation, maintenance and operational costs of the partnership.
  5. LAUSD and partner begin partnership in existing facility or the bid process for new construction begins.

For more information on Joint Use projects, please contact Isela Lopez at isela.lopez@lausd.net


Joint Use projects which result in Joint Use Agreements create opportunities to develop school facilities to increase opportunities for community use. Throughout the District, partnerships have formed to leverage resources and have resulted in additional services benefiting both the school and community. Below are examples of Joint Use partnerships:

Fremont High School
Wellness Center and Community Garden
Neighborhood: South Los Angeles
Partners: LAUSD, UMMA Clinic, and the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust have partnered to develop a wellness center and community garden at Fremont High School.
Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools
Memorial Park
Neighborhood: Mid-Wilshire
Partners: LAUSD, the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, and the City of Los Angeles have partnered to provide an educational, reflective, and interpretive recreation space in the Mid-Wilshire District, a highly dense, park-poor community in the city.
West Adams Preparatory High School
Multipurpose Field and Swimming Pool
Neighborhood: Pico-Union
Partners: LAUSD and the City of Los Angeles partnered to provide community programming and facility upgrades at the first comprehensive high school in the historic West Adams. The City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks also manages summer learn-to-swim and open-swim programs.


  1. Joint-Use Development Bond Program
  2. Fremont HS
  3. RFK Community Schools
  4. West Adams HS
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