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Welcome to the Labor Compliance Program Website!

California Labor Code section 1770 et seq. and Education Code section 17424 require that contractors on public works projects pay their workers based on the prevailing wage rates, which are established and issued by the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Labor Statistics and Research. Labor Code sections 1720 through 1861 detail the prevailing wage system, explaining who the law protects, what contractors must do to comply with the law, what constitutes the prevailing wage, how it is determined, and how the prevailing wage requirements are enforced.

In establishing this Labor Compliance Program, the District adheres to the statutory requirements as defined in Labor Code section 1771.5(b).

Program Recognitions

Further, it is the intent of the District to actively enforce this Labor Compliance Program wherein the District construction sites are monitored for the payment of prevailing wage rates and, wherein those contractors having workers on District sites routinely submit Certified Payroll Records demonstrating their compliance with the payment of prevailing wage rates.

Program History

In February 1985, the Los Angeles Unified School District began administering a program for monitoring the prevailing wage rates paid to construction workers on public works projects throughout the District.

On January 27, 1993, the Los Angeles Unified School District became the first school district in the State of California receiving an approval from the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations to operate its Labor Compliance Program.

On September 7, 1993, the Board of Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District adopted the Labor Compliance Program.

On December 27, 1996, this Program received final approval from the Department of Industrial Relations. (view letter)

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