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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who must receive prevailing wages on public works projects?
The prevailing wage must be paid to all "workers" on public works projects, including partners who are performing the work.

Q. How often are Certified Payroll Records due and to whom should they be sent?
Certified Payroll Records should be sent each week to the Facilities Contracts/Labor Compliance Department, P.O. Box 513307 Los Angeles, CA 90051-1307

Q. As a contractor or subcontractor, what are my obligations with regard to the hiring and training of apprentices?
When employing workers in any apprenticeable craft or trade, the contractor and subcontractor must apply to the appropriate joint apprenticeship committee for certification to employ and train apprentices in the affected industry. Contractors not signatory to a trust agreement shall contribute a training fee to the California Apprenticeship Council for each hour worked on the project. Awards of less than thirty thousand dollars are exempt from this provision.

Q. What is the penalty for not paying the prevailing wage rate?
A. The contractor shall, as a penalty to the state or political subdivision on whose behalf the contract is made or awarded, forfeit not more than two hundred dollars ($200) for each calendar day, or portion thereof, for each worker paid less than the prevailing wage rate for the work or craft in which the worker is employed.

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