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Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG)

About Us

The Strategic Initiatives Group (SIG) is part of Los Angeles Unified School District's Maintenance & Operations (M&O) and acts as a liaison between the charter, co-location, and/or joint-use school and the District for any Maintenance and Operations concerns. Staff at SIG facilitates the delivery of M&O services to charter schools, co-locations, and joint-use sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new charter school; whom shall I contact with questions? For general questions regarding the charter petition and oversight, start with your assigned coordinator within the Innovation and Charter Schools Division at 213-241-2487. If the questions concern maintenance issues, contact Maria Thorpe at 213-241-0354.

What M&O services does my co-located charter school receive from the District? Complete Maintenance and Operations (M&O) services are provided to most Co-located charters. Conversion charters or charters residing on District property with long-term agreements "purchase" M&O services on a fee-for-service basis. M&O services are not typically available to Independent Charter Schools (residing on non-District property).

What is the name of the Complex Project Manager (CPM) for my site and what is the CPM's role? The CPM for your school should be listed in the contact list, or call 213-241-0352. The CPM is the regional M&O point of contact for any Maintenance and Operations services available at the school.

I am co-located on a District site. How do I arrange for M&O Services, such as changing a light bulb or fixing a door? What about a major Maintenance and Operations problem? A member of the co-located charter school staff should contact the District school's Plant Manager for these types of services. The Plant Manager will make arrangements to fix the problem or register a service call with the M&O Call Center.

As a co-location, do I get custodial services and supplies? Yes, custodial services and supplies are allotted to the entire site, and therefore are provided to all occupants of the campus. Co-located charters reimburse the District based upon the space occupied and a proportion for shared space where applicable.

Where can I get a list of charter schools? List of Charter Schools are available here

The Innovation and Charter Schools Division (213-241-2487) provides a list of current charter schools with addresses, telephone numbers, and Principals' names.

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