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Service Call Overview

Service Call Unit Contact Info

Phone(213) 745-1600
Fax:(213) 745-1649
Address: M&O Central 3 & Special Services
Attn: Service Call Unit
1240 S. Naomi Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90021

How to Place a Service Call

Option 1: M&O Service Request webpage

The M&O Service Requests webpage allows anyone who has access to the internet to report school maintenance service calls directly from their computer.

You can access the M&O Service Requests webpage at


Instructional flyer (see attached)

Option 2: LAUSD Service Calls (Mobile Application)

LAUSD Service Calls is a free and easy to use mobile service that allows anyone within the LAUSD boundaries to report school maintenance service calls using their mobile phone. For additional information, please visit our Mobile Apps page at


Option 3: Contact Service Call Unit

Under most circumstances the Plant Manager is responsible for contacting the Service Call Unit. The Service Call Unit can be contacted by other school personnel, but the plant manager's ongoing experience and training helps communicate information to the Service Call Unit in the most efficient and clean manner.

Information to Have Ready When Placing a Service Call

The Service Call Unit customer service representative will ask you the information listed below. It is important to have this information ready in the same order listed below. This will make the call brief and provide clear information to the repair staff regarding the problem.

The order in which you will be asked to provide information is:

  1. Location Code. If you are calling from a location that is part of a multi-site campus (several locations using the same location code), tell this to the operator at the beginning of the call. If Service Call if for a classroom, restroom, etc., give the Location Code of the building the room is located in (if known). If the Location Code is not known for the building, use the School site Location Code but specify the name of the building where repairs are required.
  2. Your (requestor) name
  3. Your (requestor) title
  4. Details of needed repair. A short description of problem, for example:
    the door is about to fall off and it is located at the entrance of the school cafeteria.
  5. Any additional information to further identify / clarify the problem
  6. The primary Craft for the repair (if known)
    Example: Carpentry (there is a broken door hinge)
  7. Work Order Priority. Indicate emergency or urgent if there is a danger to health or safety of people
  8. If the Service Calls is needed on particular equipment. Please provide the customer service representative the equipment ID number (if known).

Service Call Priority

Service Calls are routed in three separate priorities: Routine, Urgent, and Emergency.

  • 05 = Emergency (Highest)
    Work must start immediately and continue until completed. Failure to address the situation will result in shutdown of facility, known reduction in quality of process, and/or imminent danger to life, safety, health, and/or environment.
  • 04 = Urgent (Very High)
    Corrective action is required to start within 48 hours to prevent an emergency condition.
  • 03 = Routine (Medium)
    Requires normal planning and scheduling. Work to be scheduled at the earliest available opportunity. Corrective action is required to respond within 30 days.

How to Check the Status of a Service Call

M&O Service Request webpage If a Service Call was placed in the M&O Service Request webpage, log in to the http://laschools.org page, access the M&O Service Request page at http://mo.laschools.org/applications/mo/workorder-request/ and click on View All under My Requests.

LAUSD Service Calls (mobile application) If a Service Call was placed in the LAUSD Service Calls mobile application, launch the mobile application on your mobile device and select the My Reports tab.

Service Call Unit If a Service Call was placed with the Service Call Unit, the Service Call Unit customer service representative will provide you with a Work Order number(s) assigned to the call. You may check the status by searching for that number in M&O.s Asset Management System, Maximo (if available), the Principal.s Corner Webpage, Service Call tab, or by calling the Service Call unit and referencing the number.

View All Service Call Statuses at School Location If you would like to view all Service Call statuses for your school location regardless of how the call was placed and by whom; go to the Principal.s Corner webpage, Service Call tab. Service Call Statuses

  • WAPPR - The service call is waiting for approval.
  • APPR - The service call is approved.
  • INPRG - The service call is in progress.
  • WMATL - The service call is waiting for material.
  • FCOMP - The field work for the service call is complete.
  • COMP - The service call is complete.
  • CLOSE - The service call is closed.
  • CAN - The service call is canceled.
LAUSD Service Call Statuses
  • Submitted - The service call is waiting for approval.
  • ReferredtoDept - The service has been routed to the appropriate M&O department.
  • Closed - The service call has been completed
  • Cancelled - The service call has been cancelled
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