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Resident School Identifier Website Support

The Resident School Identifier website is a public resource designed to identify a student's resident LAUSD school assignment(s) based on the student's resident address. The majority of LAUSD schools accept potential students based on the student's residency within established school attendance boundaries; such a school is considered to be a student's resident neighborhood school. To visit the Resident School Identifier website click here.

In addition to the standard residency requirement, there are LAUSD schools that operate under other enrollment models: for instance, some of the schools located within areas of enrollment choice in the District require an additional application process to enroll. Furthermore, additional enrollment models are also in place throughout LAUSD that are not based on the neighborhood school-residency requirement. Some of these programs include Magnet schools, No Child Left Behind/Public School Choice (NCLB-PSC) Charter schools, Special Education, Gifted/Talented programs, Permits with Transportation (PWT), Schools for Advanced Studies (SAS), and Open Enrollment Transfers. While these non-resident schools and programs have other methods of enrolling their students, declaration of a student's resident neighborhood school, based on the student’s home address, is often requested during the application process and the Resident School Identifier will assist with accessing that information. For information regarding the various other enrollment models offered within the LAUSD, please visit the e-Choices website and the Zones of Choice website.

In some cases, our records may not include every residential address in every geographic area served by LAUSD schools. If a user is experiencing difficulty in locating an address, or retrieving a results list of schools serving a particular address, we encourage the user to verify the information that is entered into the address search field, as well as to confirm the address that the system returns. If the user continues to be unable to acquire results or locate an address on the Resident School Identifier website, the user may send an E-mail inquiry that should include: address number; street direction, (N, S, E, W where applicable); street name; street type (Ave., St., Pl., etc.); city; state; and ZIP Code, such as: 100 N. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. E-mail inquiries can be sent to mpd.rsi@lausd.net . An E-mail acknowledging receipt of the inquiry will be returned by 4:30 p.m. the following business day.

We thank you for using this resident school identification service and hope that you find it to be a beneficial public resource.

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