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Site-Based Custodial

Each school is allocated custodial services using a board-approved formula based on building and grounds square footage and enrollment. The budget for the custodial staff is provided under Program 1372 and Program 3027 (for per pupil funded sites). Beginning FY 2010-2011, M&O will begin Team Cleaning at selected school sites. Secondary schools and large elementary school sites will continue to recieve Custodial Services by site-based staff.

Principals may view details of their schools custodial allotment in the Principal's Corner school page at http://www.laschools.org/new-site/my-school/principal-search?destination=principal

Custodians provide light cleaning and stocking of all restrooms at least twice during the school day, as well as nightly full cleaning and restocking of each restroom. In addition to routine cleaning duties, custodial staff spends a portion of their time removing graffiti throughout the campuses, cleaning up other vandalism, setting up and tearing down for special events, receiving/distributing supplies throughout the campus, and daily flushing of drinking fountains. Based on the remaining daily allotted custodial time, the principal, plant manager, complex project manager and area operations supervisor from the M & O area should work jointly to establish priorities and frequencies for completion of other cleaning and custodial tasks at the school.

M&O Area-Based Custodial Support

Each M & O Area has a small crew of substitute custodians. Priority is given to elementary schools with small night custodial crews. Custodial support is also available from the M & O Areas to wash exterior windows above the second-floor level and to conduct major vandalism clean up. In addition, Area Operations Supervisors provide technical assistance to the Principal and Plant Manager in training, evaluation, and discipline of custodial staff. They conduct periodic site inspections during the evening shifts to evaluate custodial services and to ensure that staff is onsite working as assigned.

Annual Deep Cleaning

Although the site-based custodians at traditional calendar schools conduct annual deep cleaning during the summer, winter, and spring breaks, the year-round schools do not have sufficient custodial crews during closedown periods to conduct deep cleaning. Consequently, the Board of Education has provided supplemental funding for annual deep cleaning at year-round calendar schools. The schools are allocated additional custodial hours to conduct the deep cleaning.

Year round schools must have written work schedules for the staff dedicated to this function to ensure that the entire facility is deep cleaned over the course of a year.

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