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General Nature of District's Construction Projects

The District's Facilities Services Division puts out to bid construction projects that generally divide into two categories: new construction projects and (existing) facilities projects. Generally speaking, new construction projects include the construction of new buildings, schools, primary care centers, additions to existing school sites and other new structures. Projects for existing school facilities generally include the alteration, renovation, demolition, repair, improvement, upgrading, modernization, rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of existing school and/or school support facilities and systems.

Intent of District's Prequalification Programs

It is the intent of the District to do business with quality contractors by identifying such contractors through a uniform system of rating bidders to obtain the best quality construction for the lowest price practicable under the circumstances. The District's prequalification programs are adopted pursuant to Public Contract Code Section 20111.5, 20111.6 and 20919.4.

The District permits contractors to apply for prequalification status on an open enrollment basis unless the contractor fails to prequalify, the prequalification status has been revoked, or a contractor has been barred from performing District projects. Unless revoked or lost, prequalification status is generally good for one year after which the contractor must reapply for prequalification.

Prequalification Program Summary

If you have questions, or are unable to retrieve the document, please contact the Prequalification Unit
by phone 213-241-2651 or via email at prequalification@laschools.org.

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