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Personnel Services Unit - HR

Our goal is to find, develop, and build the best talent and create the personnel capacity and organizational structure to make the Facilities Services Division the best in its field.

Personnel Services Unit staff:
  • Process change of assignments and location;
  • Perform classification and salary studies, making recommendations to the Personnel Commission regarding the appropriate classification and compensation;
  • Correspond with Labor Unions on Behalf of the Division;
  • Manage employee discipline;
  • Represent the District during administrative hearings;
  • Respond to grievances and legal actions;
  • Develop, create and implement training programs for the Division;
  • Manage employee relations;
  • Act as the liaison with the Offices of Staff Relations, Employee Relations and the Personnel Commission; and
  • Assist in the creation of employment exams.

The Personnel Services Unit (PSU) works intensively to improve the job related knowledge, skills and attitude of its employees. PSU develops and provides professional skills enhancements to increase FSD employee's effectiveness through education, training, and other resources.

Facilities Services Division • 333 South Beaudry Ave. • Los Angeles, CA 90017
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