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How to Get Started

The following is a recommended step-by-step process to help get you started on developing your SEEDS greening project.

  • Determine the instructional goal and mission to be accomplished and/or addressed by the proposed project.
  • Develop a greening concept to support the instructional mission.
  • Determine a location on the school site to install the project. Working with the Principal and site Complex Project Manager (CPM), select an area on the campus for the project. Among other things, check to make sure the project does not conflict with the District's Master Plan for the campus.
  • Develop a conceptual site plan. Develop conceptual drawing(s) to scale with key dimensions, size, location and types of planting and landscape materials and other features. Confirm the plant material conforms to the LAUSD Approved Plant List. Also, please remember that the project site must be accessible to all students, including those with limited mobility.
  • Determine a strategy for long-term maintenance for your greening project. Who will take care of and maintain the site: school, local PTA group, nonprofit, school garden committee, etc. Review the SEEDS Maintenance Agreement and determine who will execute the agreement for the project.
  • If a partner organization will be involved, establish what its role and contribution will be. Secure a partnership letter of support. (Read the SEEDS Program Guide for more information on partner organizations.)
  • Determine who will be the project contact. This will be the person designated on the application as the point of contact for the project throughout the application and construction process.
  • Complete the SEEDS Application, acquire all signatures and prepare all required attachments.

Submit a complete SEEDS application package by email during the application period.

In order to help you conceptualize and develop a SEEDS Project, we have provided a list of additional resources you may want to review.

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