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About Site Portal 2.0

Guide: How to Use Site Portal Site Portal is an online application providing access to Facilities-related data for LAUSD sites, building and grounds. The application is built using information that is managed in the Facilities Services Division's (FSD) Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) system. Since 2008, the CAFM system has been used to create and maintain an inventory of LAUSD sites, buildings, grounds and other fixed assets. The site portal also provides access to project information stored in COLIN and documents stored in the District's construction drawing repository, known as the Vault Requestor.

Maintenance of the site and floor plan data is a collaborative effort by several FSD groups: Facilities Records Management, Space Planning, Maintenance & Operations and Relocatable Housing Unit. All site and floor plans created in the system are derived from construction drawings submitted to the District as part of project work. Updates to the system are typically made as new projects are completed or information is provided from users in the field when performing their regular surveys of District facilities.

The floor plans and other attribute information are managed using Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) software connected to a spatially-enabled database. Site Portal is built using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology which offers users a rich set of tools to search for and display the CAFM data. All site, building and space layers come from the District CAFM system, while all street, landmark and imagery data is retrieved from publicly available data sources.

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