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About Us

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) embarked upon an aggressive, multi-billion dollar school construction and renovation program delivering new and modernized school facilities; adding more than 180,000 new classroom seats at the end of 2013. In continuation of its mission to provide state of the art school facilities, the LAUSD is investing $700 million dollars a year for the next ten years for a total of $7 billion dollars in its unprecedented school renovation program. LAUSD's investment in new and existing school facilities represents the largest school construction and renovation program in the western United States.

In recognition that the school construction and renovation program will require a large pool of qualified contractors and that the construction activity will take place in diverse neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles and neighboring cities, the Board of Education deems it imperative that small businesses compete for these economic opportunities.

25% Small Business Enterprise Participation Goal

In February 2003, the Board of Education established a 25% Small Business Enterprise (SBE) participation goal on all District contracts. This far-reaching SBE participation goal is the guiding principle for the Small Business Program.

The mission of the Small Business Program is to increase the pool of qualified firms competing for LAUSD bond-funded contracts. The Small Business Program provides SBE firms with information and access to compete for bond-funded construction, architecture, engineering, and professional services contracts; and referral services to technical assistance, financial, bonding and insurance, and certification services that promote the long-term competitive capacity of SBE firms.

Contact Information

Small Business Program
Los Angeles Unified School District
Facilities Services Division
333 S. Beaudry Avenue, 22nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Guadalupe Wong
Small Business Program Coordinator
Email: guadalupe.l.wong@lausd.net
Phone: 213-241-1343

Kimberly Frelow
Small Business Program Manager
Email: kimberly.frelow@lausd.net
Phone: 213-241-1302

Manuel Carcamo
Small Business Program Coordinator
Email: manuel.carcamo@lausd.net
Phone: 213-241-1341

Facilities Services Division • 333 South Beaudry Ave. • Los Angeles, CA 90017
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