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Small Business Boot Camp

Small Business Program Boot Camp Graduates

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Small Business Boot Camp is an eight week program that provides small contractors with the tools necessary to improve their competitive capacity through a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum. At the conclusion of the eight-week program, graduating small contractors will be ready to bid on LAUSD contracts, and will be well-prepared to pursue contracts with other public agencies. The program has both short and long-term benefits for participating contractors and will serve to expand the District's pool of qualified contractors.

Our partners
In partnership with the Internal Revenue Service Minority Business Development Center Employment Development Department

Seminar Descriptions

The Small Business Boot Camp will provide a definitive curriculum on the following topics:

  • Bonding & Certification - Learn how to increase your company's bonding capacity through the U.S. SBA's Surety Bond Guarantee Program, and participate in Contractor BondWorks, the District's bond and finance assistance program. Contractors will also apply for the LAUSD Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification for future recognition in the District's 25% SBE goal.
  • Public Contract Law - An LAUSD attorney will walk contractors through a contract and explain its components to familiarize and better prepare their company to comply with contract performance requirements, and to understand both short and long-term expectations. A thorough overview of the General Conditions will also be conducted to acquaint contractors with common public sector contracting terms and conditions. This seminar includes a briefing on the District's Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP), the Field Act and the processes for stop notices, change orders, and subcontractor subsitution.
  • Principles of Scheduling - A seasoned construction scheduler will show contractors the principals of developing a project schedule using Primavera software as required by LAUSD contract specifications.
  • How to bid on LAUSD Informal and Formal Contracts - Capture new contracting opportunities by learning how to prepare a bid and manage informal (under $76,700) and formal competitive contracts (above $76,700). Acquire up-to-date information on LAUSD's bidding policies to successfully compete and meet contract performance requirements. Get an overview of the contract process, from the pre-bid phase, through the bid and award phase, and project completion.
  • How to develop Safety Plan - Cal OSHA Consultation Service will guide you through the process of developing an Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) and Hazard Communication Program to facilitate compliance with the California Occupational Safety and Health Act (Cal/OSHA). Cal OSHA requires all California employers to provide and maintain a safe and healthful workplace for its employees.
  • Access to Capital - Public and private sector financial services professionals will guide contractors through eligibility criteria, loan options, and lending terms for small business loans. Also, learn how to comply with State and Federal Government tax laws regulated by the Employment Development Department (EDD) and the Internal Revenue Service(IRS).
  • LAUSD Contractor Prequalification - LAUSD will guide you through the Contractor Pre-qualification Questionnaire (including Safety Pre-qualification) in a hands-on workshop environment. Safety and Contractor Prequalification is required to bid on informal and formal contracts, respectively.
  • Labor Compliance and Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA) - Avoid Labor Code violations that can adversely affect your bottom line. Obtain clear and easy access to compliance tools to ensure that your business adheres to Department of Labor laws and regulations, specifically certified payroll and prevailing wage requirements. This seminar also includes a briefing on the Project Stabilization Agreement (PSA), and the "We Build" Program.
  • 10 Hour Construction Safety and Health Outreach Program Training - This training session introduces OSHA policies, procedures, and standards as well as construction safety and health principles. The course will review the scope and application of the Occupational Safety and Health Act and General Duty Clause, as well as examine areas that are most hazardous. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive an OSHA construction safety and health 10-hour course completion card.
Promissory Commitment

Contractors enrolled in the program must attend and actively participate in the eight (8) seminars in order to graduate from the Small Business Boot Camp. Each seminar is approximately three hours in the evening, one seminar per week, and will require homework. There is no enrollment cost to participate, however, there is a significant investment of time that is required of each contractor and contractors must possess a valid contractor's license.

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