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LAUSD Cuts the Ribbon on Roy Romer Middle School

Former Superintendent Romer Joins in Festivities

(North Hollywood, CA) - Governor Roy Romer, who led the Los Angeles Unified School District 
(LAUSD) from 2000 to 2006, today joined school and elected officials, students, parents and 
community members to cut the ribbon on Roy Romer Middle School. 

モI am honored to be here today to dedicate Roy Romer Middle School,ヤ Romer said.  モIn an age 
of globalization, outsourcing and cutting-edge technology, the students at this school serve as a 
reminder to all of us that education is absolutely key for the future success of our nation.  I am 
pleased to see our elementary school students continue to outpace state test averages and Iメm 
hopeful that this trajectory of academic improvement continues at Romer Middle School and 
throughout the district.ヤ

The LAUSD Board of Education named the school in Romerメs honor in November 2006 to 
celebrate his commitment to excellence in instruction and school construction. Under Romerメs 
leadership, LAUSD undertook what is the largest school construction and repair program in the 
"When I was growing up in the Valley in the 1970s, I had the wonderful experience of attending 
public school in modern, high-quality facilities," California State Assemblymember Paul 
Krekorian said.  "Now, unfortunately, too many students throughout California are missing out on 
that opportunity because their schools have become overcrowded, poorly maintained or 
obsolete.  The opening of Roy Romer Middle School is a historic and vitally important step 
forward for the students of the East Valley.  This magnificent new facility will provide exceptional 
educational advantages and a strong sense of school pride to generations of students to come.  I 
am very proud that the State of California and the L.A. Unified School District have partnered to 
bring this new center of learning to our neighborhood."

"Governor Romer brought with him to LAUSD a wealth of experience and a penchant for strong 
leadership, and his impact can be seen in the increased student achievement we saw take place 
in the district during his tenure,ヤ State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack OメConnell said. モI 
can think of no more appropriate tribute to his legacy as a tremendous educational leader than to 
name a school after him."

The 1,809-seat campus is located on Laurel Canyon Boulevard at Kittridge Street in North 
Hollywood.  The new school enabled Reed and Sun Valley middle schools to return to operating 
on a traditional two-semester calendar this school year from year-round calendars. Romer 
Middle School also provides additional overcrowding relief to Madison Middle School. The state-
of-the-art campus facilities include: a three-story main building, a multi-purpose building, a 
library, gymnasium and food-service area. 

"Superintendent Romer helped bring the Los Angeles Unified School District into the 21st 
Century by leading the largest school-building program in the history of the United States," Los 
Angeles City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel said.  "His legacy will be felt for generations to 
come, in smaller class sizes and improved achievement by the children of Los Angeles." 

"The opening of Romer Middle School is a tremendous asset for families in the North Hollywood 
area," LAUSD Board Member Tamar Galatzan said.  "This state-of-the art facility provides 
students in this underserved community with the tools to receive a first-rate education.  It is only 
fitting that Romer is named for the man who first had the dream of transforming this district by 
building new schools."  

 モIt is wonderful to be here celebrating with so many of you who have played such an important 
role in bringing this school to the community of North Hollywood, and to pay tribute to one of our 
building programメs greatest champions, our former Superintendent,ヤ Board Member Julie 
Korenstein said.  モIt is critically important that we have sufficient school facilities for our students. 
Roy Romer Middle School moves us closer to that goal in the Valley.ヤ

"Current and future generations of LAUSD students and families will enjoy the benefits of the 
academic and building programs which began under Governor Romer and so I can think of no 
person more deserving of having a school named in his honor," LAUSD Board Member Marlene 
Canter said.

モRoy Romer Middle School is a permanent improvement for the students of North Hollywood 
and it is the result of unflagging determination of visionaries like Governor Romer,ヤ LAUSD 
Superintendent David L. Brewer III said.  モThat same unflagging determination continues at work 
in this district today, and each time we hear about our rising test scores, schools returning to 
traditional calendar, and the everyday heroism of our teachers, we are reminded that real and 
lasting improvement for our students comes with patience and fortitude.ヤ

Romer Middle School is home of the Rams, and serves grades six through eight.  The school 
operates on a unique schedule where classes are 83-minutes long, with math and language arts 
instruction every day and all other academic and non-academic subjects rotating throughout the 
week.  This schedule allows for intervention in math and language arts for students in need and 
also guaranteeメs that all students have an elective period.  Seventh-and eighth-grade students 
who prove to be proficient or advanced in math and language arts are eligible for as many as 
three elective periods a semester.  Entering sixth-grade students have the same teacher for all 
subjects and utilize the Open Court language arts system. 

 モAs we celebrate the vibrant school community that Romer Middle School has already become, 
we see what our new school construction program is all about and what Governor Romer fought 
for,ヤ LAUSD Chief Facilities Executive Guy Mehula said.  モThere is no doubt that our building 
program is strengthening the foundation for continued positive change for the students and 
families of LAUSD.ヤ

モRoy Romerメs three top priorities were instruction, instruction, instruction,ヤ Local District 
Superintendent Alma Peña-Sanchez said.  モThose same priorities are alive and well today at Roy 
Romer Middle School.ヤ

"Romer Middle School is a wonderful gift to our present and future middle-grade students and 
parents,ヤ Romer Middle School Principal John Michael McLaughlin said.  モWe now have a state 
of the art middle school serving the local community of North Hollywood and we have relieved 
three neighboring schools of overcrowding and the necessity of a year-round schedule."

Governor Romer currently serves as the Chairman of Strong American Schools, a nonpartisan 
public awareness and advocacy campaign aimed at elevating discussion among America's 
leaders about the need for education reform. The organization, which is funded by The Eli and 
Edythe Broad Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, seeks to unite all Americans 
around the crucial mission of improving the nationメs public schools by promoting increased time 
and support for student learning and common, rigorous standards, as well as ensuring there is an 
effective teacher in every classroom.

Roy Romer Middle School is one of 74 new schools completed as part of LAUSDメs $12.6 billion 
new school construction program to end involuntary busing and year-round calendars, and to 
provide every student a seat in a neighborhood school. To date, LAUSD has completed 74 new 
schools and 59 additions, providing more than 77,000 new classroom seats for students 
throughout the District.  The program is on track to deliver a total of 132 new schools by 2012.  
For more information, please visit www.laschools.org.

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