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LAUSD Breaks Ground on Central Los Angeles Area New High School #9

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Contact:                                                                                          	September 8, 2006
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School will Blend Academic and Artistic Achievement on Historic Landmark Site

(LOS ANGELES) - Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Superintendent of Schools Roy Romer, Board 
President Marlene Canter and Board Members Monica Garcia and Mike Lansing joined with with Local District 4 
Superintendent Richard Alonzo for a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the construction of Central Los 
Angeles New High School #9.   Local officials, community leaders, students, teachers and parents attended the 
groundbreaking ceremony, which highlighted the new school's vision for academic and artistic achievement, 
showcased the school design in a multimedia presentation, and included performances by LAUSD students and 
community groups. 

"From the innovative design to the groundbreaking partnership with the arts community, this campus changes the 
educational and cultural landscape of the city," said Board of Education President Marlene Canter.   "Tomorrow's 
artists, musicians and actors will no doubt use the education they receive at this school as a launching pad for 
successful careers in the arts."

"This innovative new school will provide a world-class education and arts program that will greatly benefit the 
students and families of the Belmont community," said Board Member Garcia.

The new high school incorporates programmatic and architectural features designed to promote collaboration 
between education and the arts.  The comprehensive high school will consist of four academies focusing on music, 
dance, visual arts and performing arts. The academies exemplify LAUSD's commitment to create Small Learning 
Communities (SLCs) to help improve academic achievement, while taking advantage of the rich surrounding visual 
and performing arts environment.  District officials expect to expand partnerships with community arts 
organizations, such as Discovering the Arts, to further enhance students' learning opportunities.

"The transformation of this site from former District headquarters to an outstanding  high school focused on a 
rigorous arts curriculum embodies the reforms and successes we've achieved in the last six years," said LAUSD 
Superintendent Roy Romer.  "The graduates of this high school will build on a solid academic foundation to become 
the creative, artistic and intellectual leaders of tomorrow."

Unique features of the project include a 950-seat, state of the art theatre, dance studios, music rehearsal rooms, art 
studios and gallery corridors, all designed for artistic training and presentation.  Central Los Angeles New High 
School #9 builds on the success of the District's new construction program in providing neighborhood schools to 
reduce busing and return students to a traditional 2-semester calendar.   The project, scheduled for completion in 
the fall of 2008, will provide 1,728 seats in 64 classrooms.  The 10.26 acre site will help relieve overcrowding of the 
existing Belmont High School, which is scheduled to return to a traditional two-semester calendar in 2009.

Central Los Angeles High School #9 is part of a $19.3 billion voter-approved program to build new schools and 
improve existing facilities to reduce overcrowding throughout the District by 2012.  Since the program began in 
2000, 61 new schools, 22 Early Education Centers, and 41 school additions have been completed.

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