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Filming Permits

The Real Estate and Asset Development Department is responsible for the review and approval of filming activities that occur on Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD or District) owned properties.

Filming Related Information:
  • In instances where a third party is requesting use of a District site for filming related activities (i.e. filming, crew parking, base camping, catering services, still photography, etc., excluding news related activities which are coordinated by Communications and Media Relations), the District utilizes FilmLA, a nonprofit organization contracted by the District, to provide filming coordination and permit processing services.
  • FilmLA works directly with the Facilities Department staff to review proposed filming activities to determine whether the use of a District school is appropriate and whether additional safety precautions, such as monitors, and fire/life safety personnel are necessary.
  • After identifying a potential filming/parking location, production company must contact the school directly to confirm availability of the site, feasibility of the request, and to arrange a scout prior to reaching out to FilmLA to complete the LAUSD Filming/Parking Production License Application.
  • Principals should carefully review and coordinate any filming requests to help ensure there will be no disruptions to instructional programs and that impacts to daily school operations will be minimized.
  • Once a filming activity is scheduled at a school, it is the Principal's (or his/her designee's) responsibility to inform school staff and parents of the upcoming activity.
  • FilmLA will negotiate the contract with the entity requesting a permit and is responsible for the administration of the contract for the use.
  • FilmLA will assess and collect the appropriate fees for the use (including custodial and engineering fees) and prepare the follow-up documentation after the activity.
  • The school will receive 75% of net revenue (net after the FilmLA fee and payment of any direct costs to the school associated with the filming).
  • To ensure that a fair and transparent process is in place regarding the application for, and securing of, film permits on LAUSD schools and facilities, a film company shall not provide or offer to provide, any donation as a condition or in anticipation of a filming application.
    Additional information can be found at: LAUSD Filming Donation Rule
  • Please visit FilmLA's website for additional information and to begin the film licensing process.
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